Reviews of The Caprice Seafood & Steakhouse

Marin Magazine

"Everything is designed to create a warm, welcoming dining experience." – Ann Walker/Marin IJ

"No matter where you sit, the Caprice offers stunning views." – Ann Walker/Marin IJ

“Dined at The Caprice with my husband for our 1st wedding anniversary. We had raw oysters (divine), crab salad (fresh!), Branzino (tasty)… I am so looking forward to returning for another delicious meal and beautiful dining experience.” – Keely L./Yelp Elite

“The food and wine are exceptional. If you need a way to express how much you care about somebody, this is the place to do it. If you’re taking me here, I must be pretty damn important!” –George Lang/Local Guide

“The food is excellent. One of the best plates I’ve had in ages is the pork chop. Glad The Caprice is back open. Like putting that favorite sweater on again.” – Stephen Tenorior

“It was even better than we remembered. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco was fabulous. But better yet, the ambiance, food, and service was exceptional.” – Bill M/Trip Advisor

"A perfect blend of classy and cozy, with attentive friendly service and exquisite food." –  Katie K/Yelp

"Great place for a romantic meal, gathering with friends, or just about any occasion at all." – Katie K/Yelp

"Oh, how we have missed the Caprice, and I'm so happy to report our first visit back post-renovation did not disappoint. The basic layout of the restaurant has been preserved, such that every table has a water view including the bridge, the city, and/or Angel Island. The decor is updated but still warm and intimate. The service was impeccable. And for the main event, our food and cocktails were all stellar. We both had vodka gibsons and they were perfectly - but not too - dry, with tasty pickled onions. (The wine selection did look very nice and well-balanced.) My husband loved his salmon with soy sesame glaze. I made an oddball dinner of chilled asparagus with Pt. Reyes blue (again, neither too much nor too little) and, oh, the chive pancakes with crab and a dollop of creme fraiche to die for. The epi bread was nice and warm, and we rounded out with a shared side of sauteed mushrooms. No room for dessert, but the menu looked great so next time we will plan ahead. always talked up the Caprice as a "hidden gem" for tourist and people from other parts of the Bay Area, and I will be so happy to start doing so again". – Cate E. via Yelp

"This is the first time I've been to The Caprice since it reopened. I lived a few doors down from the restaurant several years ago and became a regular to the point of sometimes eating there twice a week. even ate there the night it closed (which unfortunately was news to the staff and patrons that evening) it was a little tired decor wise but the food was always good and not good in a consistent way which was acceptable but good in a "high quality produce way" We also loved the staff there. Out of all the things I wanted to experience this evening was to see my old friend Sean. The place has been closed for 3 years plus and I had little hope of seeing him there. We walked in and took a seat at our table. There wasn't any site of him. I asked our guy if he was around and It must of been a smile underneath the mask as Sean appeared moment later. So thats enough of the bromance, you get it....we love the guy. The food was excellent. I mean excellent. One of the best plates I've had in ages (pork chop Glad its back open. Like putting that favorite sweater on again. " – Stehen T via Yelp

"There really are a few words for this amazing restaurant. First of all a location so rare that it Hass to be a restaurant for all time. Newly renovated with old world charm and amazing beautiful modern decor I guess not being a writer I would comment modern classic or classic modern whatever:-) bottom line our staff was dressed better than anyone in the room more attentive than some of the finest restaurants in the world. Our staff does come from everywhere in the world :-) the food was amazing views while we sat and watched an amazing boat race outside our window and views of Angel Island the pelicans kept flying by in groups of 30 to 50 looking in the window and waving to us :-) yes the food was exceptional the wine was exceptional. If you need away to express how much you care about somebody this is the price to do it! If you're taking me here I am must be pretty damn important!" – George L via Yelp

"Dined at the Caprice with my husband for our first wedding anniversary. We made a reservation (definitely make one before going!) We made our reservation for around 5:30 pm and by 6:30 the restaurant was pretty much full. Ambiance- gorgeous. We have a late fall anniversary so it was dark fairly early, however I still enjoyed looking out at the expansive and dark ocean view with the golden gate bridge lit up in the distance while dining 67u. Service- phenomenal. Attentive and sweet waitress, happy to make suggestions RE what to get, and didn't steer us wrong. We had raw oysters (divine), crab salad (fresh!), Branzino (tasty), and I ventured out of the seafood options and ordered a Tomahawk pork chop (I am a huge fan of a great pork chop). Happy to report the pork chop was perfectly cooked and as delicious as the seafood dishes. We closed out the night with black coffee and two desserts- lemon tort for me and a chocolate dessert for my husband. I am so looking forward to returning for another delicious meal and beautiful dining experience." – Keeley L via Yelp